Monday, October 5, 2015

'twas on a Monday morning.

                                                                        Henry Lau. 
Hi, welcome to my Monday Blog. With only two and a half days to go we have another tie, in fact two! in the Banner Boy Poll so will someone(s) please "Untie the Ties" so we can resolve the situation.
I never claim to own any of the images I share with you and have no deliberate intentions or desires to deny their rightful ownership recognition nor do I wish to offend. Therefore if you legally own the copyright to or are offended by any of them and wish to have it credited to you, replaced or deleted please identify it and email me:-
                                                                         Thank you.

                                           So, a final reminder Please Untie the Ties! cheers.

                                                                         Henry Lau.
                                                                  Thaiboxer's Choice.
                                                                     How do I look?
                                                                     Asian Muscle.
                                                                      Asian Cuteness
                                                                     Boys will be boys!
                                                                      Eye Candies
                                                                      Two's Company.
                I hope you enjoyed sharing my Monday meanderings. Next time I have some pics of
                                                                         Chan Than San

                          For now, have a good week don't forget to vote and come back soon.